Water damage prevention made easy

Our solution makes properties smarter and operations smoother, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve. From early leak detection to seamless system integration, it minimizes risks, while maximizing your efficiency and peace of mind.

Detecting issues early help you avoid costly business interruptions.



In reduced time of mitigating damages

Devices, analytics, and actions - made in Europe

Get a tailored solution for your specific needs, from installation and maintenance to restoration.​


Can your sensors detect and stop water leaks?

Yes, our sensors automatically stops water supply at the first sign of a leak, minimizing potential damage.

What effort does your solution need from customers?

Our complete solutions handle everything from identifying your needs to setting up, monitoring, optimizing and taking action, requiring minimal effort from you.

What can you measure?

Our technology measures critical data like electricity, gas, water consumption and the status of your assets.

How can I learn more about your solution?

Contact us directly, book a demo or explore our success stories to see how we’ve helped other businesses.

How much does it cost?

The cost can vary depending on your specific needs and we always work closely with our clients to choose the best setup. To receive a tailored offer, please contact us.

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