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Reduce your claim costs and enhance customer satisfaction with real-time data and predictive analytics. Our solution proactively identifies potential risks, helping to prevent incidents and ensuring compliance with safety and environmental standards.

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A water leak in a bathroomA water leak in a bathroom
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Reduce claims

Water damage represents a large portion of property claims. Early detection and intervention can stop issues from getting worse – protecting your assets and reducing costs.

1 in 50

Insured homes file a water damage claim each year

360 solution

Benefit from reduced risks, claims and costs with a solution that prevents incidents from happening.

Risk assessment

Evaluate risk levels in real time, and enable more immediate preventative measures.

Claims reduction

Lower the number and cost of claims by solving issues before they lead to damage.

Customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by being in the forefront of proactive risk management.

Asset protection

Ongoing monitoring for long-term safety and integrity of insured properties.

How we can help

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What solution do you have for water damage prevention?

Our solutions include everything from installation to monitoring, using smart technology for early risk assessment and claims reduction, protecting assets and enhancing customer loyalty.

How do you assist insurance companies in lowering risks and claims?

With real-time data and predictive analytics, we proactively identify risks, prevent incidents and reduce claim costs, while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Can your services integrate with our current risk assessment models?

Absolutely. Our platform is designed to complement and enhance your existing risk assessment models. By providing real-time environmental data and predictive insights, we can help fine-tune risk assessments and improve precision in policy pricing and loss prevention strategies.

What measures do you take to ensure data security and privacy?

We prioritize data security and privacy at all levels of our service. Our systems use the latest encryption and security protocols to ensure that all data transmitted and stored is protected against unauthorized access, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards like GDPR and HIPAA.

How do your solutions enhance customer loyalty for insurance companies?

By enabling proactive risk management and quick response to potential issues, our solutions help reduce the frequency and severity of claims. This proactive approach not only protects assets but also enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, as clients perceive the value-added service that helps prevent losses and streamline claims processes.

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