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Improve your projects and meet safety and environmental standards by lowering risks and costs. With real-time data and forecasts, problems can be solved before they get worse, making sure your projects meet every requirement. 

Our experienced team provides personalized, full-service support, guiding you at every step.

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Elevating standards

Minor water leaks can quickly become major disasters, spreading across multiple units and damaging nearby areas.


Up to 30% less claims
Water damages account for a third of Builders Risk claims.


Keep a close eye on key aspects of your projects from anywhere, at any time.

A solution for any construction site

We support every phase, from initial site assessments to ongoing structure monitoring. Our technology is designed for precision and ease of use.


Small and discreet monitoring sensors are ideal for standard observing of nearby property-months or years before development begins.

Temporary works

Since the technology is easy to introduce and move, it is ideal for monitoring structures like crane bases and props.

Excavations and foundations

Sensors give important information that helps keep the work running smoothly and safely. Problems are detected early to avoid bigger issues.

Structural health monitoring

With long-lasting sensors, you get ongoing and valuable information about how well a building is holding up.

How we can help

Let's chat about how we've created success in the construction industry and what we can do for your company.


What kind of support do you offer construction projects?

We offer full-service support, helping improve project safety and meet environmental standards, which includes real-time data monitoring and forecasts to quickly prevent and protect.

How can you ensure the safety and efficiency of construction projects?

Through 24-hour security with real-time updates, alerts and reports, enabling informed decision-making to enhance project quality and safety.

Can your solutions help lower claims related to water damage?

Yes, our solutions aim to significantly reduce water damage risks, accounting for 30% of Builders Risk claims, by early detection and intervention.

How does your technology adapt to different stages of construction?

Our technology is versatile, designed to be easily deployed at any stage of construction—from pre-construction monitoring to post-construction finishing. This flexibility allows for continuous oversight and ensures that all phases meet stringent quality and safety standards.

What specific technologies do you employ to monitor construction sites?

We utilize a range of advanced sensors and IoT devices to monitor various parameters such as temperature, humidity and structural integrity. This technology allows us to provide precise, real-time data that helps in making informed decisions and preventing potential issues before they arise.

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