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We help a variety of properties, including hotels and multi-tenants, in enhancing living environments and meeting regulatory standards – reducing negative business impacts, risks and maintenance costs.

Our real-time data and analytics help address issues like damp and mold before they escalate, ensuring properties are safe, healthy and more environmentally friendly.

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An apartment building with trees in front of itAn apartment building with trees in front of it
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Reduce costs

Damp and mold can lead to significant health risks and property damage. By addressing these issues proactively, you can prevent spread and save on costly repairs.


of water damages are caused by a slow leak.

Happier and healthier people

With real-time alerts, updates and detailed analytics, you can make well-informed decisions to maintain high standards of safety, well-being and building efficiency.


Small and discreet monitoring sensors are perfect for observing properties for months or even years in advance.


Discover high risks of fuel poverty, identifying those who are not able to heat up their homes over periods of time.


Our data and alerts let you prioritize help for at-risk spaces, ensuring resources are used where they're needed most.

How we can help

Let's chat about how we've created success in the managed property industry and what we can do for your company.


How do you help managed properties like multi-tenant buildings and hotels?

By offering real-time analytics to address issues such as damp and mold before they escalate, we ensure safe and environmentally friendly living conditions.

What benefits do your solutions provide to managed properties?

Our solutions help reduce maintenance costs, enhance tenant well-being, save on energy use and support reaching net zero future goals through proactive data-driven management.

How can your solutions prioritize help for at-risk tenants?

Our alerts and data analysis enable prioritization of support for tenants at risk of fuel poverty or those living in conditions that require immediate attention for safety and comfort.

Can your solutions detect early signs of structural issues in buildings?

Yes, our monitoring sensors can detect early signs of potential structural issues, allowing for quick action.

How user-friendly is your digital platform?

Our platform is designed for ease of use, offering a complete view of data in real-time with customizable alerts and reports that help you make insightful, data-driven decisions.

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