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We handle it all with minimal effort on your part – from pinpointing your specific needs and setting up a technical solution, to monitoring your assets and acting instantly if needed.



Our hardware includes a connected network of sensors that monitors, detects and prevents potential damage in any setting.

Our devices

We select the right sensors to match the scale and specific needs of your project, ensuring optimal coverage and performance tailored to your requirements.

Automatic shut-off valve

If a leak is detected, this essential sensor automatically cuts off the water supply, effectively minimizing potential water damage and ensuring immediate action.

Leak detection sensor

Helps keep areas safe by sending alerts when it detects water, extreme humidity or temperature.

Air quality sensor

Designed for environmental monitoring, focusing on air quality and conditions that indicate damp or mold.

Clamp-on sensor

A non-invasive way to monitor water flow directly on the pipe. It helps find leaks early by noticing changes in water usage patterns, providing a proactive measure to solve problems before they get worse.

Flexible gateways

Our versatile gateway connects the sensors to our digital platform. This seamless integration allows for real-time data collection and analysis, offering insights into air quality, leak detection and more. Our sensors can be connected in a way that's best suited to your needs, whether it's through WiFi, mobile networks or low-frequency local dedicated networks.

Temperature sensor

This sensor quietly measures the temperature and sends updates straight to the cloud at intervals you set – from as often as every 5 minutes to every hour. It's fine-tuned for use in the EU or the US and designed to meet different needs, with options to store data until it can be sent or to transmit immediately.

Humidity sensor

Keeps your environment's climate in check, simple and effectively, by tracking air moisture and temperature, and sending updates wirelessly to the platform at intervals you choose. It suits both EU and US regions, complying with their specific wireless standards.


Simplify your asset management with software that lets you monitor and control your operations in real time.

Our dashboard

Access, manage and control your properties anywhere at any time from our user-friendly platform.

Real-time alerts

The dashboard lets you see, analyze and control your data – so you can make informed decisions. It also sends you instant alerts via email or text if there are any potential issues.


Access reports whenever you need them. Setting it up is quick and easy, and everyone involved can see the data they need in a way that makes sense to them.

Cloud-store data

The collected data is kept safe in the cloud and presented in a way that is easy to understand. We make sure your data is protected against unauthorized access, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards like GDPR and HIPAA.

Optimize performance

The platform is designed to help you understand how your assets perform, save resources, keep things safe and meet regulations.

Our app

Discover the power of control with our innovative mobile app and customized dashboard.

Customized control

Easily set personalized alarms and adjust thresholds within the app to suit your unique household needs, ensuring you're always informed and in control.

Simplified supervision

The app enhances your ability to manage home environments, from monitoring sensor statuses to overseeing water shut-off devices, all centralized for convenience.

Stay ahead

Stay empowered with real-time control over household systems, receiving instant updates and notifications that keep you ahead of potential issues.

Seamless integration

Add and integrate new types of sensors to the system, expanding smart capabilities and future-proofing investments.


Our experts provide comprehensive support, guiding you through the setup and integration, and remaining by your side for continuous optimization and quick problem solution.

Comprehensive care with a global reach

Get help at every step of the process.

Full service

To ensure your satisfaction and success, we support you every step of the way. We help you set up a tailored solution that seamlessly integrates to your business, and continuously collect and analyze data to optimize your solution.

Immediate action

With our alert system, we get notified immediately if there are any problems, and with our large network and worldwide presence, we act immediately to resolve them.

“Polygon Digital Solutions has listened to our demands as a business and has produced live reporting dashboards that are simple to understand and support our diagnostics without the need for being an expert.”

– Andrew Hurst, Head of Performance, Livv Housing Group


How big are the sensors?

Our portfolio of sensors range from compact and discreet options the size of a coin, to robust designs ideal for the demanding conditions of for example construction sites.

What makes your monitoring sensors unique?

Our sensors use the latest technology for real-time tracking to ensure safety, accuracy and reliability in monitoring.

How does the digital platform enhance decision-making?

The platform collects data to provide youwith instant alerts, detailed reports and actionable insights for smarter decisions and damage prevention.

What type of support does your service provide?

Our service is tailored to your needs, from implementation to maintenance and action, ensuring your solutions are always optimized for proactive protection and efficient operations.

How do you identify and address problems?

Problems are automatically detected throughour connected sensors and if ever needed, our global team are ready to take action on-site.

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