For managed property

Explore some of our most frequently asked questions.

What can your solutions measure?

Our technology measures critical data like electricity, gas, water consumption and the status of your assets.

Can your solutions detect early signs of structural issues in buildings?

Yes, our monitoring sensors can detect early signs of potential structural issues, allowing for quick action.

Can your solutions promote well-being?

Yes, by detecting issues early and managing them proactively, we enhance environment and well-being of both individuals, properties and the environment.

What impact can a water leakage have?

An average house can lose over 35,000 liters of water annually due to leaks. Even small leaks can waste huge amounts of water.

How can your solutions prioritize help for at-risk tenants?

Our alerts and data analysis enable prioritization of support for tenants at risk of fuel poverty or those living in conditions that require immediate attention for safety and comfort.

What benefits do your solutions provide to managed properties?

Our solutions help reduce maintenance costs, enhance tenant well-being, save on energy use and support reaching net zero future goals through proactive data-driven management.

How do you help managed properties like multi-tenant buildings and hotels?

By offering real-time analytics to address issues such as damp and mold before they escalate, we ensure safe and environmentally friendly living conditions.

Why is being proactive important in property management?

Failing to act in advance can lead to significant problems and challenges in ensuring the safety and well-being of both people and properties.

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