Accelerating recovery in senior care center

A newly constructed senior living center in Oregon was nearing its opening when an unexpected incident threatened to delay its launch.


“With the right equipment and a smarter plan, we stop mold growth, salvage a lot more material, and save everyone time and money.”

Matt Ballou

President of PureSpace

Key Benefits

Efficient recovery

Cost savings

Mold growth prevention

Saved material

Operational transparancy

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A senior living center in Oregon faced a major setback just two weeks before its grand opening due to a fire suppression malfunction. This incident led to extensive water damage across the facility, threatening the opening schedule and the future comfort of its residents.


A sprinkler unexpectedly activated, resulting in prolonged water flow that soaked interiors, including new drywall and carpets. The traditional recovery approach was too slow, risking delayed opening and increased costs.


The owner consulted restoration contractor PureSpace/Biodynamic, to explore alternative ways to dry the space. Leveraging our past successful collaborations, PureSpace brought us on board to collaborate on the project, using our powerful pieces of equipment to minimize damage, prevent mold growth and keep the center's opening on schedule. Additionally, our solution allowed for continuous environmental monitoring from a distance, reducing the need for daily manual checks and enabling real-time adjustments to the drying process.


  • Decreased demolition to reduce overall cost, time and materials.
  • Keeping the construction schedule on track, allowing timely opening.
  • Maintained compliance with safety and quality standards throughout recovery.
  • Minimized environmental impact by reducing waste.
The charts provide fluctuations of ambient humidity and moisture content of materials in multiple locations over time.

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