Lower claims and costs for insurance company

Oslo Forsikring’s challenges with water damages in their properties were common and costly, causing work disruptions and unrestrained costs for taxpayers – issues our proactive solutions help to resolve and reduce.


"Polygon helps us minimize financial loss to the environment and property, which ultimately saves taxpayers money."

Øystein Danielsen

Senior Advisor Damage Preventions at Oslo Forsikring

Key Benefits

Less incidents

Cost savings

Better asset protection

Increased risk awareness

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Oslo Forsikring, a public insurance company, manages a diverse range of properties owned by Oslo Municipality, including schools, hospitals, sports arenas and heritage site.


Many buildings are old, leading to more leaks and water-related issues. Some of the damages are also caused by sabotage, adding to the frequency and severity of the incidents. Continuous repairs and high insurance claims are financially draining and disrupts the operational efficiency.


As we’re able to detect potential water damage risks at an earlier stage, the frequency and severity of damages are greatly decreased, leading to fewer insurance claims, enhanced protection of valuable assets and significant cost savings.


  • Decrease in water damages and claims.
  • Lower repair costs.
  • Proactive discovery of problems that are not yet identified.
  • Real-time alerts for immediate action, effectively reducing risks.
  • Improved overall safety and maintenance of properties.

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