Enhancing tenant well-being and safety for housing association

Damp and mold issues harm tenant health and increases maintenance costs, leading to financial burdens. With a new, cost-effective strategy living conditions were improved, resulting in happier and healthier tenants.


“The team is committed to providing excellence and has been supportive throughout the whole process."

Andrew Hurst

Livv Housing Group

Key Benefits

Less incidents

Cost savings

Happier and healthier tenants

Improved management

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Challenges with damp and mold in LivvHousing Group’s properties had a negative impact on tenant health and caused financial strain due to maintenance costs. Their new cost-effective approach makes tenants both happier and healthier.


Livv’s properties, many of which are older, struggled with damp and mold issues. These problems are sometimes worsened bysabotage, leading to expensive, ongoing repairs and dissatisfaction among tenants.


Through early detection of conditions that could lead to mold, we reduce the problems of damp and mold, cut down on maintenance costs and improve the satisfaction and living conditions for tenants.


> Fewer damp and mold issues.
> Early problem identification and quicker response times.
> Financial savings from reduced maintenance and repair needs.
> Improved tenant satisfaction with better environments and healthier living conditions.

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