Ensuring safety in EV battery storage

The electric vehicle market is booming, increasing the demand for specialized warehouse space designed and equipped for the unique storage needs and handling requirements of the batteries that power the vehicles.


"The Polygon team has been terrific. The technical solution, the data, and the level of service is exceptional. I wish I had called them sooner."

Matthew Beckert

Site Manager at RK Logistics

Key Benefits

Enhanced safety

Avoided delays

More cost-effective management

Better flexibility and resource management

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RK Logistics, specializing in storage and handling solutions for electric vehicle battery components, faced significant challenges at their new facility in Kyle, Texas. This facility is crucial for storing materials like graphite and anode coils essential for battery production, requiring strict environmental control to ensure safety.


Just after acquiring a new warehouse space, RK Logistics needed to quickly establish a stable environment for storing sensitive materials. With traditional HVAC systems taking too long to install, we helped them with a fast and effective alternative for climate control.


We set up a temporary climate control system using our advanced dehumidification technology and remote monitoring tools. This allows for precise control of humidity and temperature, which is critical for preventing material degradation and ensuring safe storage conditions.


  • Avoiding delays with rapid installation of climate control.
  • Reducing overall investment with a more cost-effective management.
  • Enhanced monitoring and flexibility, including a reduced need for constant manual checks.
Several weeks of temperature and relative humidity recordings from ExactAire.com. Each line is an average of multiples ensors positioned throughout the buildings to give a macro view of overall conditions. Similar reports and charts as well as alerts and notifications can be created on individual sensors.
A custom dashboard built with direct input from RK Logistics. It's accessible to them and their client 24/7 and displays real-time data of the critical conditions.

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