Increasing safety and decreasing costs at nuclear power plant

At a British nuclear power plant, we address complex challenges to significantly boost safety, enhance operational efficiency and cut costs, setting a new industry standard.


“In respect of health and safety, the ExactAire system is a must-have on-site.”

Safety, Health and Environmental Manager

Key Benefits

Cost savings

Efficient monitoring

Improved safety

Insightful actionable data

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At a British nuclear power plant, we tackle unique challenges that significantly enhance safety and reduce costs in a first-of-its-kind project.


At the power station, the manual processes for environmental condition monitoring were time-consuming and impacted site efficiency, safety and health – reducing productivity and posing risks to project timelines and worker safety.


The automated tracking of temperature, humidity and moisture triggers instant alerts and improves safety and efficiency. It not only saves significant time but also ensures more accurate and effective monitoring.


> Dramatic decrease in time spent on environmental checks.
> Better safety and health conditions.
> Cost savings from streamlined operations.
> A scalable model for future projects.

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